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Are any of your inbound ports getting blocked from Suddenlink?

Suddenlink keeps telling me that they don't block any ports. Now it could be the case that they supplied me with a new higher speed modem, for which I can't get in to any potential hidden firewall. Even though my network is on a totally different subnet, I can still access the Suddenlink provided modem at this address from my local network:

If you are on your local network and with Suddenlink ISP, you may want to give that link a try.

So tell me I'm crazy and go to this site and see if it shows ports being blocked from your Suddenlink connection.
The link to check your inbound ports is here; Check to find out if your inbound ports are blocked. This should automatically bring up your current public IP on the CanYouSeeMe.org web site. Make certain if you're running a firewall, to pass the IP of the CanYouSeeMe.org web site for which port you're checking on.

I could almost understand (but not really) why they have blocked so many inbound ports, but blocking port 22 ssh? That's the inbound encrypted port being used for ssh (secure shell). That's just carrying it a bit too far! Quite a few of the ports are blocked, especially commonly known public ports. UPDATE: I recently found my inbound ssh port active and working again after being blocked for almost 6 months.

And yet, every single Tech at Suddenlink I have talked to states... "We do not block any ports." And if that's the case, and they are NOT blocking ports, then their modems they provide are doing it for them. Which by the way, Suddenlink is the only one that has access to the advanced section of the modem as shown in that link at the top of the page. And guess what, I own that modem. I was told that I couldn't bring in my own modem, which I already had one, because the modem would most likely not work on their network. Maybe more like, they couldn't control it. So I purchased another modem from them out right and specifically requested that I wanted a modem that had NO BUILT IN FIREWALL OR CONTROL OF THAT MODEM OF ANY KIND OTHER THAN, TO MAKE THE CONNECTION TO THE INTERNET.

Thought it would save on my bill for not having the lease with just using their modem. Yet I don't have access to the advanced section of the modem. I had contacted Arris the maker of my modem, and in their menu, states about how if you want any port forwarding done, you have to go in the advanced section. They also mentioned that you may have to get permission from the ISP that provided that modem to you. But only Suddenlink seems to have this access.

Would love to get feedback on this, so please feel free to e-mail on this issue.

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