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    List of Alesis DM7X Drum sounds.
        Page last modified on Thu Nov 30, 2017
The attempt here, is to show the 385 unlisted trigger sounds the DM7X module can provide. Would really like to include the audio sound samples on this page, and may eventually get around to that. Probably the first place to start, is to watch this youtube video about how to get to these settings. You can find that link at;

For example, to change the sound or trigger setting for the snare, select the kit number you want, then select the Voice button, hit the snare, and then use the left or right buttons to select the number that corresponds to the sound you want to use. Hopefully we have given some names, which only shows up as numbers listed in the kit.
Note: Remember that only kit numbers 25-40 can be saved.

The order of the groups of sounds show up all over the place. I was spending more time looking for the sounds, than actually getting to use them. So decided to try and list what I could. This will obviously be a work in progress to try and group these sounds in to more defined areas. Here's what I have so far. They are listed in the table below.

Got an e-mail about a better way to organize and sort these sounds. All my goal was, to initially get these sounds listed. Anyone willing to take steps further for better organization, please be my guest. Just send me a link to what you end up doing so I can take advantage of this as well.

Depending on your browser, you can use either Ctrl-F or Alt-F to search through the names.

For suggestions or better descriptive names for these sounds, you can comment through this e-mail form.


Kit Number xxx Sounds
Number 001-001 Tom with light cymbal bell sound.
Number 002-002 Tom with light ride cymbal sound.
Number 003-021 Tom Sounds - List of varied tom sounds. Note: This range should be more detailed.
Number 022-022 Good Tom sound with light closed Hi-Hat sound.
Number 023-024 More Tom sounds.
Number 025-025 Kind of like an American Indian large Tom Tom sound.
Number 026-026 Higher pitched Tom with what sounds like drumsticks being hit together.
Number 027-027 Good Tom and closed Hi_Hat sound.
Number 028-028 Tom Special effect - Tom Drum Special effect sound. **
Number 029-032 Bass Drum - Different bass drum Sounds
Number 033-033 Bass Drum with Hi-Hat sound
Number 034-034 Bass with Snare drum sound.
Number 040-040 Bass with nice special effect sound. **
Number 041-041 Bass drum with nice Hi-Hat sound.
Number 042-044 Bass drums with padded sounds the way some studio sound engineers would prefer.
Number 045-045 Bass drum with special effect slight whistle sound. **
Number 046-046 Bass drum with slight cymbal vibration.
Number 047-047 Nice Tom special effect sound. **
Number 048-051 Bass Drum - More Bass Drum Sounds.
Number 052-076 Snare Sounds - All different types of snare drum sounds. Really like numbers 064 and 074.
Number 077-077 Snare with swishing effect sound. **
Number 078-083 Snare drum sounds.
Number 084-084 Snare with slight cow bell sound.
Number 086-086 Snare rim sound with slight cymbal vibration.
Number 087-097 Snare drum variations.
Number 098-098 Like a synthetic hand clap sound.
Number 100-100 Synthetic Hand Clap with slight tom sound. 101-104 Still more snare sounds.
Number 105-105 Nice special effect for snare replacement. **
Number 106-111 More snare sound variations.
Number 112-112 Tom with closing Hi-Hat sound.
Number 113-113 Tom with closed Hi-Hat sound.
Number 114-114 Snare and closed Hi-Hat Sound.
Number 115-126 Toms which sound like the bottom heads are tuned very loose, causing a resonating sound of that lower tuned head.
Number 127-170 Toms Sounds - More Tom sounds. Note: This range should be more detailed.
Number 171-171 Toms Sound like lower pitched head with loose bottom head.
Number 172-172 Toms Sound sounds like next lower pitched head with loose bottom head.
Number 173-173 Toms Sound sounds like even next lower pitched head with loose bottom head.
Number 174-186 More Toms Sound sounds. Note: This range should be more detailed.
Number 187-190 Block Sounds - These are block type sounds sometimes mixed with snare sounds.
Number 191-194 More Tom sounds -
Number 195-216 Bongo or Conga type sounds.
Number 217-225 Ride Cymbals
Number 226-235 Crash or Splash Cymbals
Number 236-236 Tom and Crash Cymbal
Number 237-267 Hi-Hat sounds. Varied sounds of open or closed Hi-Hat sounds. Note: This range should be more detailed.
Number 268-268 Cow Bell - Light cow bell sound.
Number 269-269 Like a snare rim sound. Special Effects sounds. **
Number 270-272 Special Effects sounds. Possible good replacement for a snare drum? Special Effects sounds. **
Number 273-275 More Special Effects sounds. **
Number 276-276 Hand Clap - percussion **
Number 277-277 Tambourine - Like a very light Tambourine. - percussion **
Number 278-278 Vibroslap - percussion **
Number 279-280 Cow Bells - Stronger Cow Bells.
Number 281-281 Chimes - Sound of striking chimes.
Number 282-283 Bongo- Two more bongo sounds.
Number 284-284 Maracas - Like shaking a single Maraca one time.
Number 285-289 Bongo - More bongo type sounds.
Number 290-290 Cow Bell - Another Cow Bell sound.
Number 291-291 Snare Drum - Like a tight snare drum without the snare band pulled tight on it.
Number 292-292 Tom Drum - Like a tight Tom drum head.
Number 293-294 Bass Drum - Like a marching band bass drum.
Number 295-295 Tom Drum - Another Tom Drum sound.
Number 296-296 Tom Drum - Another Tom Drum sound a little lower in pitch.
Number 297-298 Wood Block - More wood block sounds
Number 299-299 Shaker - A different type of shaker sound.
Number 300-300 Percussion - Some type of light sounding percussion instrument I can't make out. Maybe someone could enlighten me.
Number 301-301 Whistle - A type of whistle sound.
Number 302-303 Scrapers - Like the Guiro or wood scraper sound.
Number 304-305 Wood Block - Two different wood block sounds.
Number 306-306 Goose Honk - Sounds to me like a Goose honking.
Number 307-307 Goose Honk? - Sounds like a Goose honking with a cold.
Number 309-309 Light Cow Bell? - Sounds like a small or light weight cow bell.
Number 310-310 Sleigh Bells - Sounds like something that would be used in Christmas song.
Number 311-311 Chimes - Like a long roll of the chimes.
Number 312-312 Wood Block - Another block sound
Number 313-314 Tom Drum - 2 other tom drum sounds.
Number 315-315 Wood Block - A unique sounding block sound.
Number 324-326 Cow Bells? - Like different sounding pitch for cow bells.
Number 327-327 Tom Drum - Low pitch Tom sound.
Number 328-328 Tom Drum - Like a tom sound with also striking some type of piece of steel.
Number 329-329 Tom Drum - Tom drum sound with another wood block sound.
Number 330-330 Tom Drum - Low pitch Tom sound.
Number 331-331 Wood Block - Another wood block sound.
Number 332-332 Drum Sticks - Like 2 drum sticks being hit together.
Number 333-333 Tom Sound - Another Tom Sound
Number 334-334 Tom Roll - Like a Tom that was hit, and the sticks bounced a few times on that tom.
Number 335-335 Stick Sound - Like hitting some type of wood stick.
Number 336-336 Bongo and stick sound.
Number 337-337 Bongo Sound - Another bongo type sound.
Number 338-338 Wood Block - Another wood block sound.
Number 339-341 Percussion Sounds - Have no clue what these sounds are, but I like them.
Number 342-344 Bongo Sounds - Some really good bongo sounds.
Number 345-347 Tom Sounds which sound like the lower tom heads were tuned very loose. Good sounds.
Number 348-351 Crash Cymbal Sounds - Almost sounds like the crash had a bending sound.
Number 352-352 Sounds like striking some type of steel percussion.
Number 353-353 Sounds like a high pitched metal drum.
Number 354-354 Sounds like a short duration small gong.
Number 355-355 Like striking a drinking water glass.
Number 356-356 Another metal drum sound.
Number 357-366 Turntable or tape sounds moving back and forth.
Number 367-375 Someone speaking the words 1-9 starting with 1 at sound 357 up to 9 at sound 375.
Number 376-376 Bell sound, like the bell you would use to get the attention of someone for registering at a hotel.
Number 377-379 Stick or wood block sounds.
Number 380-381 High pitched snare drum sounds.
Number 382-383 2 closely pitched bongo sounds.
Number 384-385 Sounds like Tom sound with sticks being hit at the same time.
Note: Not all triggers may produce the same sounds for all the pads or cymbals, but these sounds all seem to work on all the pads I've tried so far.
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