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These services are no longer available.

DCLLABS.net is ready to host your web site. Let us provide you with web and mail servers that you can count on. We don't believe in down time. We make it a very important point of keeping our servers up and running 24/7.

Apache Web Site We are running the Apache Web Server under the Linux operating system, but we could just as easily set you up with Microsoft's Windows 200x running the Apache Web Server or Microsoft's Internet Information Server.

We can also write all your HTML documents to supply you with all your web pages. By showing us your basic layouts, or just sketching them out with a pencil, we can get what kind of idea that you would like to pursue for your own web pages. We can even help insure that your pages will be picked up by the major search engines with the use of meta tags. This helps direct people to key information about you and what you have to say. You will find that we are competitively priced and and take a great deal of pride when it comes to writing HTML documents.

Web Hosting - Comparing the difference:
DCLLABS.net is offering web services with considerably reduced prices on both mail and web hosting, at about 40 - 50% of what the other guys charge. We can give our clients a lot more options for professional hosting including, who's been hitting their site via log files, web traffic analysis, server side includes, graphical web counters, image maps, and stringent Spam control. Additional support with CGI scripting with Perl, C or Javascript, secured password protected areas, virtual domain mail hosting, e-mail aliases, procmail support, SQL databases and increased disk storage for file transfers. SSH access on special request.

No matter which way you choose to go with the net, we can make the transition a little easier.

Mail Server Information and Webmail Access
Incoming POP Server Name: mail.dcllabs.net

Outgoing SMTP Server: (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) This should always be who you are connected or dialed in to. The name of your ISP's SMTP Mail Server example mail.swbell.net Note: Connecting to SMTP servers other than the one you're connected to can false trigger your IP Address as showing up on a Blacklist site as using an incorrect mail relay. This can cause e-mail that you're trying to send out, to get blocked by this and other filtered sites.


Questions regarding mail server, e-mail e-mail Support
We do not support connection services at this time.
Example setup virtual mail domains using Eudora Pro 3.x.
Example setup virtual mail domains using Eudora Pro 4.x.
Example setup Mail account using Outlook Express 5.


Or visit these sites regarding SPAM issues.
All ICMP traffic to this network is dropped and logged.
Sending SPAM here, you are liable to get Black Listed.

Blacklist sites we are using to help fight SPAM via spamassassin.
cbl.abuseat.org (
dnsbl.sorbs.net (
dnsbl.sorbs.net (
dnsbl.sorbs.net (
dnsbl.njabl.org (
dnsbl.njabl.org (
dnsbl.njabl.org (


Only sFTP connections are supported, running through the secure shell port.

phone 770-255-1223 - e-mail e-mail Sales
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