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Network Support Strategies

Your corporation relies on its computer systems and networks. When systems are down, or not working properly, operations grind to a halt. Support becomes essential to your productivity. When you depend on your computers and networks, they must be configured properly and integrated into your existing infrastructure to provide seamless operations. They must perform on demand and in every conceivable environment. That's why DCL Labs provides comprehensive support programs designed to keep mission critical systems up and running.

Plan for the Future of Your IT Infrastructure
  • Unified Service and Support Functions
  • Achieving Results and Reducing Costs
  • Local Service and Support
  • Professional Support
  • Business Networking Expertise
  • We Configure the Right Solution for Your Needs
  • True On Site "Critical System Maintenance" and Monitoring
  • Multi Platform Experience

Unified Service and Support Functions
After evaluating the requirements of the marketplace, DCL has unified the systems, networking and hardware service support functions into the coordinated Professional, Administration and Hardware Services Groups. Grouping these services enables us to provide the highest quality support with the most flexibility. The fluid interaction of both groups ensures our customers the utmost performance from their systems and networks with the absolute minimum downtime.

Achieving Results and Reducing Costs
Strategic out sourcing agreements are taking on a critical importance as companies place a high emphasis on achieving results and reducing costs an emphasis reflected in the trend toward out sourcing functions that are not part of a company's core competencies.

Companies often use out sourcing as strategic tools to help them reduce costs, improve the quality of their products and services as well as enhance their ability to focus on their central business objectives.

DCL Labs Professional, Administration and Hardware Services Groups offer you comprehensive and aggressively planned inter operability solutions while providing a single point of contact (and responsibility) for all support issues that may arise during the life of a network.

Local Service and Support
Our professional support services also include any combination of solution planning, systems or network implementation, post implementation support, on demand or permanent on site support, network monitoring, "success through partnering", and critical system maintenance (CSM) support.

Aggressive hardware service plans let companies cover their needs while best utilizing the funds available for service. Total solution planning addresses all implementation situations in an aggressive, timely, and creative manner. A team of technical experts with a common baseline of expertise helps you plan the most effective solutions for their needs.

Systems and network implementation
By scheduling hardware technicians and coordinating systems engineers during implementation, DCL guarantees the seamless integration of systems with your existing IT infrastructure. When necessary, DCL also draws upon the expertise of engineers or support personnel from many of the top manufacturers in the industry.

Post implementation support
After initial implementation of any network solution, most of our clients opt for ongoing network support. As a single point for support issues, we designate a Systems or Support Engineer as your lead engineer. Typically, the lead engineer coordinates the infrastructure planning, leads the implementation of the solution and has a comprehensive understanding of your network. The lead engineer is also responsible for all network support situations or issues. In addition, DCL offers a telephone help desk solution for application and network support.

Success through partnering. No single vendor can handle every support issue. DCL has established partnerships with outside specialists who handle a multitude of services, including cabling, personnel out sourcing, training, programming and consulting in a variety of areas. Through these partnerships, DCL provides services that customers require, but that one company simply cannot efficiently offer. These partnerships not only allow you to use DCL as a single call distributor of service and support, but also provide you with significant savings due to our presence.

Remote Network Administration (RNA) is a service designed for our small and medium sized growth clients. RNA allows you to offload all your basic, time consuming network administration procedures to DCL Labs. When we take responsibility for network administration, you can move critical personnel away from day to day systems maintenance to strategic systems planning and other business critical tasks. RNA is coordinated from our Houston headquarters. Coverage is from 8a to 8p Monday through Friday. RNA can be combined with any other professional service to provide extended coverage.

Business Networking Expertise
Since the early 1980's DCL has been consulting, designing, installing and maintaining hundreds of networks. We understand the business environment and are experts at developing customized business networking solutions across various platforms and operating systems. After consulting with you and performing a Work Flow Analysis, we will analyze and identify your specific requirements.

DCL Labs will then determine the unique solution to your WAN, LAN, video, fax, e-mail, internet connectivity, Web site and/or security needs.

Configuring the Right Solution for Your Needs
DCL will configure those components which best fit your needs. Whether you are interested in system design, installation, configuration, repair, troubleshooting, or technical support, DCL Resources will find the right answer for your networking needs.

True On Site Critical System Maintenance and Monitoring
Our after sale service and support program protects your business by keeping your networks and systems operational. If you are concerned about the cost and damage from a protracted server crash or network failure, we've got the solution. DCL CSM program allows you to fully customize your network support and hardware service requirements from 4 hour response times to remote diagnostics, to network administration or on site staffing, to resource management or on site service. We'll keep your networks and systems up and running a critical component of inter networking 2000.

Let DCL be your single source for customized, standards based solutions for all your network support and systems service requirements. And you can remember that our business is networks.

You can e-mail us at sales@dcllabs.net
phone 713-641-2695 - fax 713-641-2696
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