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08-01-2017 - System brought back up in Ohio.

08-01-2016 - System in Georgia was shut down for one year.

01-30-2013 - Wednesday - System reboot and file systems check. 

05-27-2009 - Data Center went down and off line due to hardware failure.

09-11-2005 - Sunday - Our upstream provider had us disconnected from 
8:15am to 11:20am without any type of notification.

02-02-2005 - Main systems down for about 20 minutes due to a server
location move to a different office.  All systems were restored 
after that. 

12-01-2004 - Webmail issue.  Users not able to login to webmail.
We are not sure how long this problem had existed, no reports.
Believe Webmail was down about 20 hours.  Issue has been resolved.

11-17-2004 - Houston - Servers shut down for about 30 minutes due
to a power loss and thunderstorm.  6:55am.

09-06-2004 - Houston - Servers down from 12:40pm - 9:34pm due to a
an obvious cut in the fiber lines of our upstream provider. Systems
restored by  9:35pm.

07-25-2004 - Houston - Early Sunday Morning:  Scheduled early maintenance
from 2:45-3:30.  All systems were brought down during that time window.

10-18-2001 - Monday Morning:
Experienced Power Blackout:  A Houston power grid was completely down 
for about 1 hour from 8:30am - 9:30am.  All systems were restored by 

07-01-2001 - Sunday July 1st:
Experienced really bad electrical thunderstorms.  Internet Servers were 
shut down for almost an hour starting around 11:32am.

05-26-2001 - Saturday May 26th:
We are currently experiencing bad thunderstorms.  Even though we experienced
a great deal of lightening, our Servers never actually had to be shut down.  

05-04-2001 - Wed May 2nd - Friday May 4th:
Been adding some additional equipment and had the servers up and down, 
usually only down for a few minutes at a time.  Installing some new 
routing equipment.  All services should now be back up and running.  
Please report any unusual experiences with system services to 

03-08-2001 - Mail problem detected and corrected:
A reverse lookup problem was detected on 3-8-01 with one of the mail servers.
This was detected and fixed on the same afternoon. If anyone had experienced 
mail problems they should e-mail support@dcllabs.net.  There should not be
any additional problems.  Sorry if this had inconvenienced any of the mail

11-21-2000 - Duplicate or Common Aliases:
We now have duplicate aliases working.  Common or duplicate mail aliases
can now be used on all sub-domains.  


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